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Face protection shield | Welding helmet | Head shield | Medical shield

Face shields must comply with OSHA standards and American national ANSI standards when workers are exposed to eye or face hazards such as flying objects, molten metal, liquid chemicals, caustic acids or liquids, chemical gases or vapors. Use eye and face protection.
For optimal protection, the shield should extend from the front of the chin to the side of the ear, and there should be no gap between the forehead and the protective cap.

Different types of face shields :

The face shield is a piece of rigid plastic that is attached to a head strap that prevents materials from being thrown and damaging the face from throwing objects, heat, etc. Its distinguishing feature is the headband, which largely prevents injuries that may come from above your head.
The welding mask hat or welding face shield has a shadow lens that protects the eyes from ultraviolet and infrared rays and also prevents molten iron from being thrown in the face.
The medical protective face shield brings you good protection due to the possibility of the COVID-19 virus throwing infectious substances and germs, considering the overall coverage of your face and even the sides of your face.